Saucey Story from the Boulevard, Los Gatos Boulevard that is…

by Scott Anderson on July 12, 2010

Lance Wagner, proud father of Regular and Spicy, born of years of toil and tasting. And now they're leaving home for homes all over the south county.

There’s a BBQ restaurant on Los Gatos Boulevard called Little Lou’s. Over the years, I’ve come to casually know Lance Wagner, the owner and chief cook for the past 13 years. And now he’s a manufacturer as well.

 Dianne and I ran into Lance ten days ago while dining al fresco at Crimson, which is next door to Little Lou’s. He shared his recent success at distributing his BBQ sauce at some high volume outlets, like Lunardi’s, Cosentino’s, and the Road Show at Costco.

I tasted a local retail success story, so I asked to see him later in the week to get the details and take a photo of this burgeoning entrepreneur. He agreed, so here he is with the two versions of the sauce (regular and spicy) you can find on store shelves now. It’s even the official sauce of the SJ Giants.

 So now Lance sells this special sauce from Little Lou’s, through a distributor and by making the rounds of prospective new stores, and making deliveries in his van. That’s in addition to running a restaurant and a catering business. Lance is a busy guy.

 This definitely feels like a “hard work pays off” story. And the sauce is tasty. Lance describes as most closely resembling traditional South Carolina sauce. “Not to smoky or too sweet”, Lance opines. I hope for Lance it also has the sweet smell of success.


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Rei July 12, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Sounds yummy! I will get the bottle of Little Lou’s Spicy BBQ sauce for the guys in my family, next time I am in the shopping center =p~

Mark December 6, 2013 at 10:50 am

Little Lou’s hits the spot. I totally agree. There is nothing like that spicey sauce on a large order of chicken wings. Especially on Thursday, with Aki’s jam night. When I tell the truth I may be preventing myself from getting a set there.

The Grand Dell closed and that was very bad. The Smoking Pig said they were ending music. Netos in Santa Clara has mentioned the same, and yet there great musicians here like Aki who is just a solid performer… hard to find better.

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